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Love expands to crafting homes

Mark and Liane Kelly have a perfect marriage, so good that they extend it to their working lives. Operating Grand Viera Homes, the couple are building a strong reputation at the high end of the market. Their company has just finished building a pair of homes, side-by-side, in Ardross.

The partnership dovetails like a good piece of carpentry. Mrs Kelly does most of the design work and loves to visualise what the end result will be and then sends her design to their draftsman.

Mr Kelly oversees the building and both liaise with their clients. “We try to get the best out of the customers’ needs,” Mrs Kelly said. “We don’t believe in building a house and just putting it on a block.”

The Kellys say that much of their custom is from previous clients. “Repeat custom and word-of-mouth are our most satisfying types of business,” they said. “Our core.”

Mr Kelly has a theory that by the end of a project, many clients hate their builder. “Not that they dislike the person, just that there are differences of opinion,” he said. “I believe that if there is a problem, then get it fixed is the best way.”

This outlook is part of the reason why they want their company to expand — just not by too much. “We want to maintain our
quality and our personal service,” Mr Kelly said. “I would like to go to whatever size we can, but only if we can still give that personal service.”

Grand Viera Homes builds about six private dwellings a year and at the moment does not have a display home. “We had one at Wembley Downs but it sold — and it led to other contracts for us as well,” Mr Kelly said.

The couple believe that life is for living and much of their building philosophy is in ensuring their homes are living-friendly. Mrs Kelly encourages her customers to choose easy-clean surfaces, whether on the floor or benchtops. She also encourages a home in which all space is used, as in the couple’s own home in Marmion. There, all the living areas converge on the main area, which leads to the outside.

The pair knew each other for some time before they married 15 years ago and always had in mind that they would form a company, which they did in 2003. “I was a carpenter,” Mr Kelly said. “Then I took a diploma in building studies.” At the same time, Mrs Kelly took a design degree at Curtin University. “I knew we would do it, we just love this industry.”

They love it even through the recent rougher times. The company has managed to get by relatively unscathed and the pair are proud of the fact that they still have their favourite tradesmen making the same money as in the boom days. “We want to look after them — they have looked after us,” Mr Kelly said.

The Kellys have a commercial arm to their business. Orixon does business all over the State. The motto is “Facilities. Venues.
Mining” and construction and maintenance are its backbone.

As for Grand Viera Homes, the couple plan to move onwards and upwards, but on a very personal level.